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  • corporate perennial legal counsel

    provide oral or written comments on consultations on legal issues; assist in reviewing and drafting contracts or other legal documents signed with relevant domestic and foreign entities; representatives participate in various civil or commercial negotiations, sign relevant agreements, contracts or documents; assist in handling enterprises establishment, division, merger or reorganization and liquidation; assisting in the establishment and improvement of the business management system of the enterprise; assisting in handling relevant legal affairs of internal or external contracting operations and leasing operations; acting as an agent for handling economic contract disputes or other disputes, accepting entrusted participation in litigation , arbitration or mediation; the agent recovers debt through non-litigation.

  • civil legal affairs

    1. protection of property rights: ownership confirmation, production division, partnership disputes;

    2. protection of personal rights: compensation for personal injury and compensation for mental damage;

    3. credits and debts: debts of contracts and infringements;

    4. marriage and family: the preparation of divorce agreement, joint property investigation, property rights, support rights and maintenance disputes, mediation and litigation agency;

    5. labor employment: mediation and arbitration, litigation agency for labor relations and compensation for work accident accidents;

    6. domestic and foreign adoption and immigration legal assistance.

  • commercial legal affairs

    1. planning for the formation and reorganization of the company; the process services and related documents for the establishment and registration of the company; the drafting, negotiation and related drafting of the company's merger, division, acquisition and reorganization; the transfer, gift, inheritance and mortgage of the shares; definition of corporate property rights; legal design and analysis of the company's good operations and regulatory mechanisms.

    2. investment: policy legal consultation; investment planning; project negotiation; legal document production; risk prevention guidance; project tracking service.

    3. trade: negotiation and signing; product quality and delivery, payment disputes.

    4. real estate: negotiation of cooperative development projects and preparation of legal documents; policy legal consultation and negotiation signing, application ruling and agency litigation of demolition and resettlement compensation; negotiation and signing of supervision contract and construction contract; housing pre-sale contract and housing sales contract selection formulation of sexual terms and contract preparation legal services; contract dispute agency for overdue delivery and housing quality.

    5. construction: negotiation of construction project contracting and drafting of legal documents; legal guidance for construction process verification and supplementary agreements; preparation of building materials supply contracts and labor contracts; project payment and credit protection legal affairs.

    6. property management: production and legal assistance of project bidding documents; project takeover procedure guidance and legal document preparation; participation in negotiation and signing of real estate developers and property management companies or owners' committees and property management companies; development and revision of management systems and other documents .

    7. intellectual property rights: licensing, transfer of patents, trademarks and 凯发k8体育 copyrights; investigation and litigation of patents, trademarks and 凯发k8体育 copyrights; computer software protection; technology introduction, transfer and export.

    8. finance: risk control of domestic loans and guarantees, international lending, project financing and foreign guarantees, letters of credit, investment funds, trust investments and various types of leasing.

    9. taxation: domestic and foreign investment tax planning and arrangement; tax regulations and tax policy consultation; tax consulting for foreign-invested enterprises; tax consulting for financing transactions and financial leasing; and tax consulting for real estate development.

    10. securities: participate in the production of domestic and foreign stocks and bonds, domestic and overseas issuance and listing, the issuance and listing of red chips, and the legal documents for the issuance and listing of high-tech enterprises.

  • maritime maritime

    1. maritime labor disputes, marine claims, and contract disputes.

    2. foreign investment

    legal advice on investment environment, investment industry, investment form; business investigation of partners; legal consultation and related documents drafting for establishment and approval of foreign-invested enterprises; process services and legal documents established by foreign-invested enterprises; foreign-invested enterprises legal advice and services in the fields of import and export, foreign exchange, taxation, customs, commodity inspection, etc.; establishment of representative offices of foreign companies.

    3. criminal legal affairs

    accepting the criminal suspect's hiring, providing legal advice, acting for appeal, accusation, applying for bail pending trial, accepting the commission of the criminal suspect, the defendant, or the designation of the people's court, acting as a defender, accepting private prosecution cases, prosecution cases entrusted by the victim or his close relatives, he acts as an agent to participate in the lawsuit.

    4. administrative reconsideration and litigation

    entrusted by various types of governments and parties to litigation cases, acting as agents to participate in reconsideration or litigation.

    5. non-litigation legal affairs

    legal advice and legal opinions; legal document review and production; legal program planning; legal facts investigation; negotiation, mediation and negotiation coordination; document production; establishment of companies and representative offices;