enterprises take off and keep up with preferential policies
column:fazheng news time:2018-11-01
most of the real estate sales staff have earned a lot of money this year. according to the industry's generally stipulated six-tenths of the sales commission rate, the national commercial housing sales commission exceeds 2.6 billion yuan.

from the end of january this year, the ministry of housing and the ministry of construction, the united nations department of lands, the national development and reform commission and other nine ministries and local governments to conduct inspections, from the focus of the central inspection, the hot spot sensitive issues in the real estate market in 2009 became the focus of inspectors, such as real estate transactions order rectification, improvement of land transfer system, implementation of affordable housing policies, and suppression of speculative purchases. according to the requirements of the state council, before the "two sessions" in 2010, the supervision work will produce "phased results", and the state council and relevant ministries and commissions will consider formulating and adjusting future property market policies based on the supervision.

tight tight

regarding the direction of the future property market policy, an expert from the expert committee of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development who participated in the inspection said to the reporter: "the real estate policy in 2010 will turn to 'guarantee and pressure' because the task of the macro economy this year is still to maintain growth and restore the economy. therefore, it will still play a leading role in real estate.” he also said that given the current stage of economic recovery, the credit policy will remain loose in the short term, and it is expected that from the second quarter, as macroeconomic growth continues to stabilize, housing prices will continue. it will also show an increase, and the intensity of policy regulation will gradually strengthen in the second quarter. the real estate policy will show a clear trend of “pre-sold and tight”, and the real estate policies of second- and third-tier cities with relatively reasonable housing prices or little increase will be appropriately relaxed.

cooling at the beginning of the new year

since the beginning of the year, the domestic real estate market has become more and more wait-and-see atmosphere, and the newly added housing in the property market has been sharply reduced, and the volume of transactions has shrunk again and again. according to the city monitoring data of zhongyuan real estate, the volume of transactions in beijing and shanghai has dropped by about 50%, and the continued sluggish volume has brought about the loosening of house prices.

the property market has cooled down at the beginning of the new year, and the government’s control has produced results. the nine ministries and commissions inspected the property market and handed over the phased results to the state council in the "two sessions". in march, it will undoubtedly become the key to the trend of the property market after the year. in this regard, qin hong, deputy director of the policy research center of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, told reporters that during or after the "two sessions", the central government is likely to continue to introduce regulatory policies to further promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market. whether the real estate market in the year of the tiger can continue the bull market, we still have to listen to the policy. according to china times

demystifying the year-end award of public housing enterprises

state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are more than 5 times worse

in 2009, the sales performance of housing enterprises surged, and the year of the ox in the bull market, each earned a lot of money. in the new year, the year-end red envelope of the housing enterprises became the focus of attention inside and outside the industry, which proved that the performance of housing enterprises soared last year. in 2009, the performance of real estate enterprises reached the best level in history. the year-end award of vanke employees this year is 16 months. not only vanke, but private enterprises like hesheng chuangzhan, the “year-end award” is the big salary of the annual salary, enough to withstand the salary of one year.

but not every peer has such a good treatment. the reporter learned that, like guoqi financial street, the employee's year-end award is 20% of the annual salary. in terms of proportion, vanke’s year-end award is 6.4 times that of financial street. and large central enterprises like china resources, there is no year-end award in chinese new year, but there will be a performance reward every july. sino-ocean real estate divides this part of the award into performance and sends it to employees every month. state-owned enterprises also have generous staff. the reporter learned that beijing urban construction allocates year-end benefits according to seniority. years ago, old employees were organized to travel abroad, and employees who entered the company did not receive this treatment.

ni xiaoling, a senior analyst with the same policy real estate consulting agency, said that most of the real estate sales staff have earned a lot of money this year. according to the industry's generally stipulated six-tenths of the sales commission rate, the national commercial housing sales commission exceeds 2.6 billion yuan. . according to china times

hainan housing market 掀 shipping tide

haikou and sanya led the nationwide increase in house prices last month. however, speculative funds swarming into the hainan real estate market more than a month ago have shown signs of withdrawal. investors who intend to withdraw from the market have set off a “shipping tide” on the lunar new year’s day. in the past, when it was reported by the media as a benchmark and a new high-rise phoenix island apartment project, the latest quotation in the new year is up to 100,000 yuan / square meter, but the lowest price for investors is only less than 50,000 yuan / square meter. just release the listing you bought before.

on the new year's day, phoenix island apartment saw a wave of shipments. many investors began to discount the house, and even there was a “selling” room that was lower than half of the previous market price. the concept of an "international tourist island" attracts hot money from all over the country and even the world. judging from the current signs of “selling goods”, the short-term bubble in hainan’s housing market does exist. whether the bubble can be digested smoothly depends on whether the "international tourism island" is sustainable. the world has begun to think about: how much will the planning of the international tourist island drive the hainan property market? this round of housing prices skyrocketed, will hainan island have the danger of repeating the housing bubble in 1993?



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